Monday, May 13, 2013

Lines: How we travel - how we live

When I go out my door and begin travelling, how do I view what I am doing? I can be starting a journey from point A to point B, or going for a walk, or a drive, or maybe even both. According to Tim Ingold, in his book "Lines: A Brief History", the way in which we view these journeys can correspond to the way in which we view many other aspects of our life, as well as how we live and remember our lives.

In this podcast, David and I tell stories about our own experiences with lines, and present, discuss, and argue about the question of transport versus wayfaring, or put another way, how we conceive of lines, and how that impacts our lives.  We also relate the question to our own lives, and to questions we encounter as Christians, or as simply humans.

So how do you view your daily commute, or your walk to work? And what does this viewpoint tell you about the rest of your life?

This podcast ties in to, and builds on the ideas begun with our podcasts "The Truth about Stories" Part 1 and  Part 2. 

You can listen to this podcast on Spreaker as well at this link.

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