Sunday, September 29, 2013

The Third Way Conference Report Part 1

This report has been a little while coming. We recorded it a week ago, then I (Dale) misplaced the recorder.  The recorder has been found, so it is now my privilege to present to you our attempt to report on some of what we learnt on our trip to the Adventist Forums Conference, aka the Spectrum Conference.

This first session introduces the main theme of the conference and Brian McLaren's first two presentations.  The chief question was: in a world with so many beliefs and so many differences, how do we engage in a way that is compassionate and caring without simply giving up our own beliefs?  Part of the answer we found is changing the paradigm with which we approach difference.  Do we operate out of fear (of losing our identity) or out of love (as our identity)?

Spectrum Conference Report Part 1

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