Monday, November 25, 2013

Difficult Beginnings: Living After Loss

Taanshi! Anosch ga-achimon apishiish por ma parantiiy, por la nasyoñ di Michif, pii toñ nistwer-inaan, la bataayd  batosh, lii zanii nwer, pii taanshi kaa-ishi-pimaachshiyaahk avik ooma listwer.  Apre, ga-wiitamaatin por kotak li mooñd - nitshiyiniwak eekwaniki wiishtawaaw, maaka pahkaan - lii adventist, pii taanshi kaa-kii-ishi-machipayihk soñ nistwer-awaaw.  peeyak keekwaay itaakwan daeñ lii deu - li vaeñ deu li mwaa'd oktob - maaka sa praañ kiyawiya chii-peehtaataman!

Hello! In this podcast we look at the question of founding trauma - the impact a difficult beginning can have on a people later on.  We have an idea that the beginning is a very good place to start for a very good reason, and that as communities, we often don't look at our own beginnings critically enough in terms of considering the negative consequences those beginnings can have on how we function in the present.  We do this through bringing together two stories, two communities, that come together on a single date.  These communities are both important to me, in fact, I am a part of both of them - the Métis Nation, and the Adventist Church, and the date that brings them together (slightly roundabout) is October 22nd, 1844. From here on in the stories continue on the recording.

     Difficult Beginnings

(Note: At one point I said "wife" when I meant "daughter".  There's probably other errors as well, but I figured this one was worth clarifying).

(Note 2: The top half of this post is in the Michif language - relevant considering the subject matter of this podcast.)

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