Friday, January 15, 2016

The Great Controversy Story 2 (Campmeeting 2014)

In planning this presentation, Dale and I realized we couldn't tell one definitive version of "The Great Controversy."  Rather, each of us tells a slightly different story, sharing common themes and developments, but emphasizing different aspects according to our particular personalities, histories and values.  This week, Dale tells his version of events, as written in a Reddit discussion.  In addition, we hear from some of our audience members about their own versions of the story and the themes that matter to them.  I had forgotten just how awesome this discussion was.  I hope you enjoy it.

The central question Dale takes up is "if there is a God, why is there evil?"  After that, the question also arises, "are we merely pawns in a divine game?"  Join us for this stimulating discussion and please, share your thoughts.  This is, for both of us, the core of our understanding of God.

Next week, I share my best understanding of the story.


The Great Controversy Story 2

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