Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Daily Transformation Roundtable Discussion

This week we continue from last weeks discussion, exploring some of the practices and stories we use to negotiate life--to live by wayfaring, to keep growing and moving forward.  Over the past weekend, I had the opportunity to attend a holistic (brain) health conference  in Vancouver which was quite interesting.  There were various speakers on addiction, brain health, yoga, breathing, etc.  One of the main presenters spent much time talking about how interconnected our bodies and minds are--if your brain is injured, it can have a profound influence on behaviour.  Conversely, healing your body can also heal your mind.  In our discussion, we range across the spectrum, from more physical practices to attitudes and perspectives that help us embrace change. 

Thanks again to our campmeeting guests.  This is the last of the campmeeting podcasts, so we won't have any more up until after the AF conference in the beginning of September.  We should be picking up our regular Monday release schedule by mid to late September.


Daily Transformation Roundtable

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