Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Daily Transformation with Donnie Sands

This week we have another campmeeting special.  Our friend Donnie Sands wanted to do a podcast exploring the question of how we live in a state of continual growth or transformation, rather than stagnation.  Put another way, how do we live in a continually process of wayfaring?  Not simply in idea, but in practice.  What came of this is a deeply personal account of Donnie's experience overcoming anxiety, depression and stress in his own life--his own search for transformation, for practical means of wayfaring.

Just for (potential) naysayers, I feel I should add the caveat that this is a particularly speculative podcast, not in terms of ideas, but in terms of an explanation of techniques that have been effective.  There is no one way forward, no universal technique of personal transformation, no single practice that if we just repeat it ad nauseum will somehow result in a life of meaning and consequence and "transformation."  Life is a little more interesting than that (thank goodness).  That being said, I hope you enjoy our exploration.  Next week will continue this topic with a round table discussion.


Daily Transformation with Donnie Sands

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